Fire Safety


If the fire alarm sounds:

  • Everyone must leave his or her condominium immediately (close the door behind you);
  • Aid the elderly to evacuate if required;
  • Unless you are confronted with smoke, proceed directly to the nearest stairs do not use the elevator;
  • Proceed directly outside the building to the assembly point (Valcour
  • Remember to take your car keys with you (your car may need to be moved for emergency crews) and dress for the weather;
  • Do not re-enter the building until given permission.

If you can’t leave or use the stairs:

  • Stay inside your suite;
  • Keep your doors and windows closed;
  • Place a towel or clothing at the base of the door to keep smoke from entering;
  • Call 911 and inform them that you are in Unit #… and cannot get
  • If you have a window that is not obstructed by smoke or fire go to
    that window and get someone’s attention to let them know that you
    are unable to get out.

If you discover a fire:

If you discover a fire make sure that you:

  • Pull the nearest fire alarm pull station;
  • Follow the steps as indicated in “If the fire alarm sounds”

A print-friendly version of this article is available by clicking here, and a document containing general fire safety tips can be accessed here.