Fire Trucks

Never a dull moment!!!!!

We had some excitement today, at “ye ole ranch”….there was a overheated magic bag that was giving off a burning odor.

911 was called the trucks came. Everything has been checked out by the fire dept and all is good.

Viv Nelson

Poster On Memo Board

I agreed to have these posters put up.

“Elvis” is our cleaner (Brenda’s) husband–Mike Bravner

Porter’s Diner has good food and it just looks like a nice evening.

It’s nice to support local talent and have fun at the same time

Viv Nelson

New Condo Board

Dear Condo Owners:

Please note that at the 2 August 2011 Condo Corporation meeting, a new Board of Directors was elected. The outgoing Board (Bob Young, Charles Hartford, Chase McGrath and Kim Sarters) will be replaced by the following:

  • President – Bill Harding
  • Vice-President – Marilyn Jagoe
  • Treasurer – Bob Wood
  • Secretary – Carrie Beers

The General Manager position, formerly held by Hedley Forbes, will be filled in the near future.

We thank you for your continued cooperation and look forward to seeing you at future meetings!

Best regards,
Your Condo Board of Directors

Meeting Reminder

This is a reminder that there will be a condo corporation meeting this evening, 2 August 2011, beginning at 7:00p.m. in the common room at 160 Valcour.

The purpose of the meeting is to elect a new Condo Board.

The positions that will need to be filled are:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Building Manager for 160 Valcour
  • Building Manager for 170 Valcour

Your opinions and ideas on discussion items are valued contributions to the meetings and we thank you in advance for your participating.

The Condo Board

Voting Proxy

At some point in the past two weeks, changes to our web hosting environment led to the inadvertent removal of the Voting Proxy form.  It has been re-added to the site, and can be downloaded here, or on the Documents page.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Meeting – May 24th

Dear Condo Owners:

Please be advised that there will be a Condo Corporation meeting Tuesday 24 May 2011 beginning at 7:00PM in the common room at 160 Valcour.

Some topics for discussion will include:

  • Financial Update
  • New Condo Board of Directors
  • Bell Aliant / Fibre-Op

Your opinions/ideas on discussion items are valued contributions to the meetings, and we thank you in advance for your participation.

** There should be enough chairs available for everyone, however feel free to bring your own.

The Condo Board


Hello Condo Owners,

Please note that the condo fees for 2011 need to be submitted to
Chase McGrath (104-170 Valcour Dr.) no later than December 15, 2010.

  • 12 cheques in the amount of $130.00
  • January 1, 2011 – December 1, 2011; inclusive months
  • Payable to YCCC #26

We thank you for your continued cooperation.

Best regards,

The Condo Board