About Us

The York County Condominium Corporation #26 is a legal entity and includes both 160 and 170 Valcour Drive. There are 36 unit owners, 18 in each building. The Corporation began operating in December of 2008.

The Board of Directors (Condo Board) is made up of owners who are elected by owners and serve voluntarily. The Board has the power to manage and maintain assets of the Condominium Corporation. The Board incurs and pays common expenses on behalf of owners for such things as lawn maintenance and snow removal, building cleaning, utilities, insurance, elevator maintenance, etc.

The Condo Board is made up of the following elected officers:

President – presides at all meetings of the members (unit owners) and of the Condo Board; charged with the general supervision of the business and affairs of the Corporation; charged with the powers and duties as the Board may determine; provides supervision of the General Manager.

Vice President – acts for the President during his/her absence; charged with the powers and duties as the Board may determine.

Treasurer – keeps full and accurate books of account and accounting records of receipts and disbursements of the Corporation; care and custody of all the funds and securities in the bank/trust company; disperses funds upon taking proper vouchers; whenever required he/she provides the President and Condo Board with an account of all transactions and of the financial position of the Corporation.

Secretary – gives all notices to the members (unit owners); attends all meetings, records minutes of all proceedings; he/she is custodian of all books, papers, documents of the Corporation except those kept by the Treasurer; performs such duties prescribed by the Condo Board.

In addition, a General Manager may become an appointed officer of the Board.

General Manager – appointed to have the general management of the Corporation’s business and affairs, subject to the authority of the Board and supervision of the President; oversees contracted service providers for maintenance and operation of Corporation.

Meetings of the Board and also of members are held on a regular basis. These are a great venue for information. Attendance is encouraged as members opinions are extremely valuable.