Community Living

The York County Condominium Corporation #26 is a legal entity and includes both 160 and 170 Valcour Drive. As Condo owners, you own your own unit, but we all own the hallways, grounds and parking areas together.

The Board of Directors is made up of owners, like yourself, who are elected by the owners and serve voluntarily. The Board has the power and duty to manage and maintain the assets of the Condominium Corporation. The Board incurs and pays common expenses on your behalf, such as snow removal and maintenance for the building.

As neighbours there are many things we can do to make our neighbourhood a great place to live. Common courtesy goes a long way. Following are some tips and guidelines for good neighbour relations based on Article XII (Provisions respecting the use and occupation of units) and Schedule A of the Condominium Corporation Bylaws.

Parking (Schedule A, section 2-5)

  • One marked stall is assigned to each unit. There are a number of unmarked stalls designated for second vehicles and guests.
  • When you have a guest make sure they are parked in the unmarked visitor stalls.
  • If a visitor is parked in an assigned stall, they will be given notice and ticketed or towed if the violation continues, at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Snow Removal

  • When it snows, vehicles should be moved from the parking lot by 11:00 at the latest to ensure the parking lot is thoroughly cleared. Failure to do so means snow piles up and becomes icy leading to the possibility of injury.
  • Vehicles not moved will be ploughed in and may be ticketed or towed at owner’s expense.
  • Park your vehicle on the street and return after the lot is cleared.

Cleaning (Schedule A, section 3)

  • It is agreed by owners, to keep the Condominium fees at a consistent level, the cleaning of the common areas is to done by owners.
  • Each owner is assigned a week to clean. So each owner would clean once every 6 weeks.
  • Cleaning includes:
    • Vacuuming the halls on your floor
    • Stairs on your level (i.e. 3rd floor cleans stairs to 2nd floor, 2nd floor cleans stairs to 1st floor, 1st floor cleans the lobby)
    • Wiping railings in stairway
  • If you are unable to complete your turn, please have someone else clean on your behalf.

Noise (Article XII, section (l); Schedule A, section 7, 17, 24, 25)

  • Sound travels in multi unit buildings. Keep stereos and TV’s at a comfortable level for your own enjoyment, but not to disturb your neighbours.


  • Dogs – take dogs to non-common areas to do their business as there is damage to grassy areas around the units.

BBQ (Article XII, section (m), (p))

  • For safety place BBQ on fire-resistant mats. (this is a requirement of our umbrella insurance policy)
  • Use the BBQ away from the building.

Smoking (Schedule A, section 27)

  • Restrict smoking to your unit, no smoking in common areas.
  • Dispose of butts in fire resistant containers and ensure they do not land on common areas.

Garbage (Article XII, section (o))

  • Garbage pickup is every Tuesday.
  • Place only household garbage in the bins.
  • Recycling materials including gift wrap and moving materials can be recycled down at the Irving Station.


  • These buildings have controlled access to ensure security.
  • Each unit is assigned an access code. Do not share this code with anyone outside your unit (except for family members).
  • The General Manager is required to give 24 hours notice, with permission of the owner before entering units, unless in an emergency.

Vacations/Empty Units

  • Heat – ensure heat is left on to ensure pipes along outside walls do not freeze.
  • Cars – store second vehicles offsite. Most insurance policies require that someone check an empty unit regularly.

Condominium Meetings

  • Meetings of the owners are held on a regular basis. These are a great venue for information.
  • Attend meetings as often as possible – your opinion is valuable.

For your convenience, a print friendly version of this article is available here.