We Have Action

This is a very loose timeline as to what’s happening with the repairs, since weather comes into play.

As of now, they have found, there is flashing, however, there is also tape somehow involved in the construction. The tape on there now is “NOT TO CODE”. It is not sticking. This tape is being replaced with “to code” criteria.

As far as I know now, all units on the Lian side of the bldg. will have new tape. Today, they worked on Mike Sleep’s unit and Judy’s unit. Since it’s going to rain tomorrow, they will be working on the inside of those 3 units–Judy’s, Mike’s and Irene’s.

Then they will tackle the middle 3 units and then progress on to the last 3 units. Can’t tell you the exact date–we didn’t know until yesterday that they were going to be here today for sure.

This timeline is not in stone.

Hope this isn’t too confusing, please ask if you have questions. Also, please remember to print off this email for those that don’t have internet.

thanx a bunch
Viv Nelson

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